Composing Your ASR

Annual security reports (ASRs) reflect an institution’s current, existing policies and procedures and require different elements to convey that information. Use this reference guide as a tool to determine which elements must be included and how they should be represented.

Classifying Student Trips within Clery Geography

Use this flowchart to determine if an institution-sponsored student trip meets the “frequently used by students” criteria. This information can also be found in the Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting on pages 2-25 and 2-26. See page two of this flowchart for important definitions to remember when classifying Clery Geography.

Campus Safety Outreach Starter Plan

Are you struggling to plan something for campus safety programming or trying to find ways to better connect with your campus community? Stumped for ideas about campus engagement during NCSAM? Need a place to start when planning your community calendar for the year? Look no further!

Timely Warnings & Emergency Notifications:
Separate and Distinct Requirements

The Clery Act requires institutions of higher education to maintain two types of alerting systems for separate and distinct purposes. Below is a table breaking down the distinctions between these two types of alerts. Use this resource to understand which alert should be sent depending on the circumstances of the incident in question.