September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month and each year Clery Center provides professional development resources and learning opportunities to support your work on campus. Learn more about this year’s theme and connect to this year’s resources below.

What’s Your Message?

Have you ever thought about how you communicate with your campus community about the work you do? Has anyone ever questioned why a certain program is offered or why a certain warning went out or didn’t go out? Has anyone ever reached out asking for more information about campus safety policies or procedures, wanting to know more about the work that is done each day?

It’s easy to get caught up in the “go, go, go” execution mode of running campus safety programs which leaves little time to think about the messaging behind those tasks. Many campus community members want to understand more about the background behind campus safety laws, requirements, programs or policies but don’t know where to turn to get that extra information.  Often times they might even feel brushed aside or ignored when seeking out those answers.

This National Campus Safety Awareness Month Clery Center provides multiple professional development opportunities addressing the background of certain campus safety areas and strategies for talking about those areas with campus community members. From reviewing the required components of a drug and alcohol abuse prevention program to the circumstances for issuing a timely warning, we will tackle areas that often lead to questions from your institutions because folks do not understand what is required or how it is accomplished.  Messages explaining the purpose for campus safety actions and decisions communicate what an institution values.  Let us help you determine how you talk about campus safety programs, how you involve other community members in understanding those messages, and how clear communication can help create safer campuses.