When problems feel large and insurmountable, typical advice suggests breaking them down into manageable pieces. This makes sense, but only if you know where to start! Managing all of the moving parts of campus safety can feel cumbersome and overwhelming, especially when you are responsible for multiple functions. You might find yourself wishing for a guide to point you in the right direction and provide helpful tips, or simple, concrete steps of what to do first. This year during National Campus Safety Awareness Month, Clery Center will act as your guide, providing “first steps” to addressing many common campus safety concerns and showing you how to begin to approach common challenges.

Our webinars focus on answering larger questions by providing a clear starting point:  from training campus safety officers on response and prevention methods, to understanding Clery Act basics, to examining reporting structures and strategically planning primary prevention programs, we will break each topic down step-by-step to help you launch your own comprehensive campus safety plan.  Register today to secure your spot

Ask us questions, give us ideas, and share your thoughts with us! Working together will provide you with the best information and most innovative solutions to address problems right away.